We can fix it.

Do you have water standing in your back yard, water sitting against you garage door, patio door or foundation wall?  Do you have a sump pump discharging water right next to the foundation wall and going back right into your basement? Do the gutters in your house discharge all of the rain water from your roof right next to your foundation wall, door or windows?

If you answer yes to any of those questions you should have My Landscape Contractor help you. We can design and install an appropriate solution for each of those problems. We can install a french tile to collect water from your back yard and redirect excess water to a proper location on your property or to the city’s water management system. We can properly design and install a drain tile system to manage the water discharge from your sump pump and gutters all around your house.

Here at My Landscape Contractor we don’t only help you create the back yard of your dreams but also help you maintain it looking and working like new at all times.

Drainage Solutions

Sump pump discharge
Downspout discharge
Yard water discharge
French tile
Dry well

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