My Landscape Contractor


Here at My Landscape Contractor we don’t only help you create the back yard of your dreams but also help you maintain it looking and working like new at all times.

We will re-level the sub-base, re-laid the brick, pressure wash the entire brick patio to get rid of undesired dirt and stains, install new jointing sand and finally apply a protective sealer coating. We can make your 25 year old patio look and work like new again for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

We can fix it.

My Landscape Contractor can repair your old brick patio and make it look like new again. Stop thinking you have to replace your entire brick patio just because it is sinking in one spot or is not totally level in one corner. We can fix it.

Patio Maintenance & Repair

Pressure washing
Jointing sand
Protective sealer